A dedication and enthusiasm for the arts extends as far back as I can recall. My sincere devotion to drawing and painting is paralleled only by my interest in science and biology. However, in 2003, after one year of undergraduate work at The University of Texas at Austin, I broke my C5-C6 vertebrae in a diving accident, suffered a spinal cord injury and thus became paralyzed from the chest down. After a year of recovery and rehabilitation, it became apparent I would not regain use of my legs, abdomen or hands. Even though, the life I knew had changed forever, it did not sway me from pursuing my goals for the future. If nothing else, I decided I was going to spend the rest of my life intensely engaged with my first passion, Art. Therefore I returned to The University of Texas, and later completed both my BA and BFA in studio art. 

          My work mostly explores the body and how society responds to the human form. In my paintings and drawings; sexuality, grotesque beauty, body ideals, vanity, and the ambiguity between pleasure and pain are all common themes. I reference many of today’s popular media, including: magazine trimmings, Internet jpegs, medical book illustrations, and film stills. By experimenting with collage, composite layers, and superimposing images, I am literally able to deconstruct beauty and investigate how images interact. In my most recent work, I explore more male-centric body representation. I believe there is no better personification of societies ideals of health, fitness, sexuality, virility, and masculinity than bodybuilders, athletes, male models and movie stars. So, as a man with a flawed body myself, I ask, “What is perfection, and what is truly beautiful?”


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